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Cinderella Pumpkin

Free Motion Quilting Pattern

Cinderella Pumpkin

In my home country, the Philippines, we call them Squash, and they grow the whole year round considering we have a mild tropical weather. In my childhood, I liked to plant them in my father's garden as they're easy to grow and to take care of, plus their luscious green leaves are beautiful. During harvest time, we loved to share them with neighbors and friends.

This quilting pattern is called Cinderella Pumpkin, as it has a rounded-shaped body like a the real Cinderella Pumpkin variety. And it's fairly easy to quilt by first making a big letter C, then echoing the curve line two times until it looks like two crescents on each side forming the shape of the pumpkin. For more interest of the design, the leaves are added.

And to make the movement of the quilting pattern easier to quilt on a domestic sewing machine, I decided to quilt from the bottom to the top in diagonal lines. I don't mind cutting thread, so edge to edge quilting is fine with me. As with meandering path, I often make a lot of mistakes while deciding the direction of my stitches, so it's the reason why I like to plan my quilting path ahead.

I think this FMQ pattern would be perfect for an autumn-themed or Halloween quilt.
If you like to use this design, you can download a printable worksheet that you can use for drawing practice. Check out the Download section of this website. I also made a Youtube video of this, so please check my channel JDreamQuilts.

For questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Happy Quilting!

Check out the video tutorial of this pattern from the link below;

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