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Leafy Feathers

Feather Variation - Free Motion Quilting Pattern

Leafy Feathers

This is a beautiful variation of the traditional feather design that most of us quilters love. And I'll be honest, I came up with this idea after my dissatisfaction of my big feathers, which always tend to wobble on the arc section. I'm using a domestic sewing machine, and it's sometimes difficult to see the full size of the pattern during quilting. This is because, our line of sight is normally limited to the front side of the presser foot. So my solution for this problem is to mark the quilt with the whole pattern so that I can have a visual guide.

Moreover, big curves are also tricky considering the speed and steadiness or consistency of my hand to move the quilt in a big arc in one motion. This results to wobbling sometimes, which we don't want on our feathers. So again my solution is to intentionally wobble on the arc section, and that's how the butterfly or leafy-shaped form is created.

But of course I also look for inspirations before I tried this. And I found some pictures of this leafy feathers on Pinterest done by professional quilters on longarm machine. I didn't really thought that I can do it on a domestic sewing machine, but I tried drawing it on a paper, and found my own method of doing it.

If you're interested of learning this FMQ pattern, then you can download a Printable Worksheet for drawing practice. And if you need more help with this design, don't hesitate to contact me. You can also share this with your quilting friends. Please like, share, and subscribe to my blog to help me reach more quilters like you. Oh, leave me a message of what you think about this pattern. I would love to hear from you. Happy Quilting!


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