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Free Motion Quilting Pattern


Dragonflies are magical creatures and I'm so fond of them in my childhood. Being born and raised in a farm, I loved chasing them even if they're difficult to catch. I was quite fascinated with their colorful bodies and delicate wings.

Because dragonflies have distinct shape and form, they're actually easy to draw in one line. First, I make an anchor point where I start making the elongated wings on both sides. The anchor point becomes the starting and end point of every parts of the dragonfly, so the thread builds many layers on this point, making it a bit bumpy. After the wings, I create a small circle for the head and add small antennas. I go back to the anchor point, then create the elongated body.

If you like to learn more about this pattern, check the Youtube video I made on how to quilt this. You can also download a printable worksheet for drawing practice. Check the Download section of this website.

For more questions, feel free to contact me. Happy Quilting!

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