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Free Motion Quilting Pattern


It's a beautiful quilting pattern that looks like it has been quilted on a long arm machine. But I did this on a domestic sewing machine, and it was so much fun and heart warming. I love nature and I often find my inspirations in the garden. I'm always fascinated with colors, shapes and textures of flowers and leaves. And clovers are just so beautiful that I would even spend time taking pictures of them in the park.

First, I practice drawing the hearts one by one on different angles. I found that alternating them is the best quilting path to make the size uniform. I tried to quilt this in a meandering style but I don't like a disorganized pattern, so I quilted them in diagonal lines from one edge to another. And it was even easier to transition from one clover to another.

If you like this pattern, you can download a printable worksheet that you can use for drawing practice. Check out the Download section of this website. I also make a Youtube video of this, so check my channel JDreamQuilts. For questions, feel free to contact me.

Happy Quilting!

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