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About Me

I stumbled upon quilting during the pandemic, and it was like finding a hidden treasure. Free motion quilting grabbed my attention because I've always loved sewing and drawing since I was a kid. It felt like I had finally discovered the perfect way to let out my creative ideas. After I finished my first Dream Big panel, I knew deep down that I wanted to become a machine quilter, no matter how many times I had to practice and fail along the way.

As for my sewing background, it all started when I was around ten years old. I remember fixing clothes and other stuff at home because my mom wasn't really into sewing. Then, in high school, I got a chance to go to an all-girls trade school back in the Philippines (where I'm from). That school taught us sewing and pattern drafting. As part of our training, we got to learn how to handle all sorts of sewing machines – from the regular ones you have at home to those big industrial machines they use for making clothes on a larger scale. This experience gave me the confidence to play around with free-motion quilting. I just loved experimenting with different sewing techniques.

When the girls were stepping into the apparel industry after graduation, my mom had a different idea for me. She believed in me and encouraged me to keep studying. So, I ended up pursuing Electronics Engineering – a field that fascinated me.

During my twenties, I worked in Japanese electronics manufacturing companies as a Process Engineer. My job involved designing and improving systems and assembly processes for electronic components. Oddly enough, this experience connects quite well with my approach to quilting. I tend to break down every step in quilting and look for better, more efficient ways to do things. I know this might sound a bit technical, but here's the twist: think back on your own past experiences – there might be something there that can help you now.


As for my sewing passion, it always stayed with me. I recall sewing my own college uniform and giving a new life to old clothes by fixing and revamping them.


When I hit my thirties(now I'm in my late 30s), life took me to Japan after I married a Japanese colleague from work. I put my sewing machine aside until the pandemic came along. The kids at my son's kindergarten needed face masks, and that's when I remembered my sewing skills could be put to good use.

After making hundreds of face masks (which actually turned into a small business), I started itching for a new sewing challenge. That's when I stumbled upon those stunningly quilted Dream Big panels on Pinterest. I was blown away by how a sewing machine could create art. And here's a little secret: Art has always been a dream of mine since high school, something I kept to myself all those years. Back in my home country, pursuing art was a luxury only a few could afford, and I wasn't one of them.


Maybe now you understand why I named this blog JDreamQuilts.

Thank you for visiting this blog and feel free to reach out to if you have quilting questions.  If you're looking for FMQ designs to start with, check out my recommendations here.

Judith Kudo

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