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Dream Big Quilt





Tapestry Quilt or Wall Hanging Quilt, Size: 100 x 100cm (or 39 x 39inches)
The panel fabric is called Dream Big from Hoffman Fabrics.

This quilt marked an important milestone in my free motion quilting journey as this is the first biggest free motion quilting project that I tackled after being fascinated by Dream Big panel quilting. Although this is a practice quilt, it turns out beautiful on its own which has inspired me to dream more of bigger projects.

I picked free motion quilting patterns that are doable for beginners and pushed myself to continue whenever I made mistakes during the process. I learned that quilting is not only about developing your sewing skills to the highest level but also about self-discovery and tolerance of many imperfections in the creative process.

For beginners I recommend doing smaller quilting projects to prevent exhaustion and being overwhelmed on the long process. Have fun quilting!

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