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Ice Cream

Free-Motion Quilting Pattern

Ice Cream

This pattern is inspired by the blazing summer heat of Japan, where I live. It came up one hot summer day in June 2022, while craving for an ice cream to cool off from the heat. And I thought why now make an ice cream quilting pattern, it would be perfect for baby quilts!

For this pattern, I wanted it to be fun and easy to quilt on a domestic sewing machine. So, I decided to use simple free-motion quilting designs like loops and ribbon candy curls for the toppings. While for the cone, a simple triangle is perfect. To make it easier to quilt, I experimented on different path of transitioning from one ice cream to another. And I found that it's easier to quilt in diagonal rather than in meandering style.

Looking at the whole quilted area, the ice cream are orderly positioned in diagonals, making your eyes travel along the line until it rest on the pattern. And I love it this way, with the pattern being well organized and easy to quilt.

If you have questions, feel free to let me know. I will also make a downloadable worksheet for you to practice if you want to apply this in your quilts. Check out the Download section.

Happy Quilting!

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