About Me

Hi! I'm Judith Diaz Kudo, an electronics engineer, and a homemaker who lives in Osaka, Japan.


I was born and raised in one of the central islands of the Philippines. And I spent my childhood around older crafty cousins who love sewing home decors. Being a quiet little girl, I used to listen to them 'geek out' about their sewing projects, and that's how a crafty girl was born inside me. But it was not until high school that I learn to sew and make clothes through dressmaking and pattern drafting courses. After pursuing an engineering path, my crafty self became silent. I moved to Japan in 2013 and found how quilts are being used in the cold seasons, especially for warming up the body in wintertime.

About JDreamQuilts

I have great fascination with visual arts since my younger years. I'm drawn to colors, texture, organic shapes, and most of all the process of creating something. So I spent lots of my time collecting pins on Pinterest to meet my artistic cravings until I found those beautifully quilted tapestries, which have really moved my heart. I thought how amazing it can be if I can make that kind of art using my sewing machine. And that's how my free-motion quilting journey started.


JDreamQuilts stands for my dream to create beautiful and meaningful quilts that would make me and other people happy. With my works, hopefully, I can inspire you and others to love free motion quilting as much as I do.


This blog aims to give you ideas of the creative process of free motion quilting to help you in your own quilting journey. Of course, I wouldn't claim to be an expert here. But I would love to share the valuable knowledge that is worth sharing while I'm learning and growing.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and feel free to reach out to me at jdreamquilts@gmail.com if you have questions. Have fun learning and stay safe.

Yours truly,